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About 10 years ago, my friend convinced me to switch to a new family doctor. Our new physician was caring, enthusiastic, and extremely detail oriented. When he performed physicals, he didn't hesitate to order blood work or to investigate a strange symptom. This year, that great care really paid off. My doctor discovered a small skin lesion, which turned out to be cancerous. This blog is all about the benefits of working with a professional family doctor. Check out these articles to find out how to choose a health care clinic, and what types of symptoms you should report to your doctor. You never know, it could save your life.


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Why Eye Examinations Are Important

Headaches can usually be treated by taking over-the-counter pain medication, but sometimes the pain will continue to linger. Although headaches can be linked to several health conditions, a condition that is rarely thought to be the cause is astigmatism. For example, the last thing that most people think about when they have a constant headache is the condition of their eyes. Experiencing frequent headaches is one of the early signs that points to astigmatism, and more symptoms will occur without prompt treatment by an eye doctor. It is wiser to get an occasional eye examination before astigmatism develops than to wait until the condition worsens. 

Astigmatism Causes an Array of Problems

Developing astigmatism should be avoided at all costs, as the condition can interfere with safely driving a vehicle. In fact, driving without eyeglasses on is usually prohibited for drivers who are suffering from severe astigmatism. Astigmatism can make car lights appear blurry, as well as compromise the ability to see important signs like the speed limit. Astigmatism can also interfere with learning if a student has a constant headache and cannot see the blackboard during class. Headaches from the condition are due to placing substantial strain on the eyes when squinting them in an attempt to see things more clearly.

An Eye Examination Can Catch Early Symptoms

Eye examinations are necessary because they can do more than diagnose astigmatism in the early stages of development. An eye examination can also detect an array of other eye conditions, along with health problems that are in other parts of the body. For example, an eye doctor can detect if a patient has a serious condition like diabetes or heart disease via an examination. With the information that he or she shares with a patient, the patient can go to a specialist for a health examination and official diagnosis. Catching early symptoms of serious health problems via an eye examination can deter certain conditions from worsening.

The World is More Beautiful with Clear Eyesight

Blurred vision can make life seem dull and interfere with the things that make life beautiful. For example, going on a drive that has a nice scenic view is not as enjoyable when someone has poor vision. Getting an eye examination to detect poor vision and correct it will make life more beautiful. Wearing contact lenses can also add to the physical beauty of the person who is wearing them. Eye examinations are well worth the investment for a better visual experience in life.

Reach out to a local eye doctor to learn more.